Murals & Backdrops 

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A friend of mine had brick stairs by her pool that was a fountain but no longer used so she asked me to design something fun for children. It was fun painting this and I took breaks and got in the pool!

In December I did a mural in a Residential home. These are always fun because I can work with people and put our ideas together to create something that's going to bring them joy, laughter, peace...happiness!

At this Pirate party a boat was created, anchor, mast and sign. In the boat circle cut outs were made so the children could put their faces through. This was a more elaborate design and there was a team of three of us who worked on it. All for the love of children and art! 


I had the privilege of painting several mural backdrops for Wild Darlings photography. This one was going to be used as a Easter and wedding backdrop.

Here I had a request from Wild Darling Photography studio to make this castle multi-dimensional backdrop that had several places in and outside its structure that could be utilized. The Trellis mural I painted was on the back wall. It was a clever design by them I was happy to be part of.

Made on a hanging canvas, I created a brighter scene of Via De La Rosa. If you look further you will see Jesus walking down the road. It was created for a Missionary who travels and speaks at churches she is called  too, the mural traveling with her and used as her backdrop. It was also used as my backdrop when I painted at Zionfest this past September 2017.

This was a Frito Lay truck turned into a stage for a Puppet ministry. I did the lettering and backdrop artwork. I recently saw this truck in San Bernardino, I originally painted it in L.A

I did this for a church Sunday school. It was their logo and they asked me to paint it in the hallway entering the classrooms.

This old trailer needed a retouch and a name. I painted the name from the inside, backward so it will be on for a very long time.

Who doesn't need their own birthday chair to sit on? This chair had been outside and had no paint on the wood. I had the task of restoring it into something fun.