Art is something that has been my passion all of my life.
Teachers I've had in school always encouraged and
supported me. My mother and family supported it and
therefore I was able to release my creativity. In High
School my art teacher signed me up for classes at
Pasadena Art College of Design and that was a wonderful
experience that introduced me to more mediums and
variations of art and art tools. Advancing into these areas I
have worked as a face painter, Art teacher (many times
and I love it!) Muralist and Prophetic Artist.

The Lord has guided me through and gifted me in this
area and I am ever so grateful.

I love to support and encourage new artist of all ages. My
contact info is below if you have any questions.

In this website you will find some of my artwork and
available services I provide, thank you for viewing.


My Art is; 


off ~centered

Unwilling to be tamed, conform to be "normal" according to the world's standards. 


This is from a class I taught children called mural-making. I like to encourage  people of all ages.

In the picture below when the mural was completed I was asked to shorten my name to fit in a certain space. I went by Angel Rome from 2000-2016.  

You may see some of my murals in Downtown Los Angeles and some of my art pieces in California.